Caleb (LOD) – ‘Best hike I have had to Agora. Best of my life. It is always long but good – today like a breeze. Today I just observed this amazing place. I found a part of me in Agora – most people hover on the surface in their lives but here we are in the Himalayas. I say go deeper. Find part of you. Explore. You will regret the things you don’t do more than the ones you do.’

Claude – ‘my body was sore but my mind was clear on the way up. This is a great time to be present.’

Andrew – ‘I observed a little bit too and thought – what could be better than hiking in the Himalayas?! It was a physical challenge but I felt stronger at the end. I loved the accomplishment at the end after I carried four backpacks.’

Mariana – ‘it was really fun hiking up even though I am afraid of heights. I found myself thinking about the people here as I walked up and considering their ways of life.’

Jack – ‘it hit me that we are in the Himalayas. Like, right now, we are here! It hit me how so many important things have happened here – the beauty and the history together.’

Mr. Cola – ‘our snack stop was my favorite. It made me think about our dining hall culture and then how fun it is to sit with simple food and enjoy each other’s company. It made me think about what we take for granted.’

Hanns – ‘this is my first time hiking the Himalayas. I realized if I hiked far enough I could just go back to China. I liked having chai in the Smokey house. It was so good to be with people. I felt like I found my home. But it was very smokey.’

Elias – ‘memories of Austria stepping from stone to stone. The hike was a taste of big things. I wanted to go up there to the village and experience everything .’

Charlene – ‘this was the longest hike of my life and I thought I couldn’t do it but then we got to Suman’s house. It was so worth it. I realized I haven’t fully discovered myself. I have so much to learn.’

Suman – ‘so glad to have everyone here. This trip is the first one this year after traveling with so many groups that I really felt happy and connected. These CCS trips are different. Discover yourself here! I hope it will be help.’

Mr. Alter – ‘the trip to Agora is long. I was obsessed with distance as we came – the length of the road, how far we are from home, how distant we are. The drives and the hike made me feel far away. And then we got here. Sitting in Suman’s kitchen drinking chai, I felt close. I felt the distances evaporate. This feels like home.’

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  1. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    So many of you said it “felt like home”. Dig deeper and try to explain to me WHY it felt like home…WHAT about it feels the way you feel when you are at home in US?
    I’m thankful you arrived safely and can now experience the magic of Agora.

  2. Lauren Little Avatar
    Lauren Little

    Welcome Home CCS trekkers! I can almost see the steam rising from everyone’s well earned cup of Chai at Suman’s hearth!! Well done Seahorses on victory of the hike to the jewel of Agora.

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