By Kameron Nelson

Color(ed). A word that, over time, has become almost synonymous with division. The word that marked restrooms, water fountains, and bus seats for decades, with separation at the heart of its intent. While in India, I have a new meaning for the term color(ed). One that is not formulated around oppression, but instead defined by words such as, communion, togetherness, and family. Holi, the Indian celebration of rebirth and springtime, encompasses all of these words separately, as well as a whole. To celebrate this holiday, the people of India collect vibrantly colored powders and cover each other from head to toe, as we experienced on Havelock Island.

Similar to the division that exist(s)ed in America due to color, the Indian caste system separates, but relies on status rather than race. As far as I could see, throughout the celebration of Holi, caste gets disregarded. Strangers chase one another with colors and allow themselves to connect through a common interest. Holi.

One thought on “Color(ed)

  1. Kameron – Isn’t this such a better way to live life? If only….. Such a different culture. Do you think the US just has too many different cultures? Do you think there is any way to bring all our cultures together around a common experience (other than a disaster of some kind!) The Olympics kind of accomplish that goal…many cultures, common goal. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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