Today was a big day for our group. We arrived early at the All Hands headquarters and were quickly assigned our work groups. From 8-4 we worked to muck and gut, reseal leaky roofs and help local families clean their hurricane-damaged houses. It was a great way to feel how much the storm impacted these people.

Many of us felt connected with the people of the island through conversations and interactions too – tours of the inside of houses, homemade food, warm thank yous from strangers in a local restaurant, appeals for more help. Puerto Rican’s are amazing people. They live in a gorgeous land and have exceptional resolve.

Sometimes this place feels surreal – images of devastation in background and people living their normal lives in the foreground. I imagine many tourists don’t really get the impact of the storm on people. They just see the beauty smudged a little bit. We have been lucky to feel it. It’s incredible.

More updates to come!

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  1. Lauren Little Avatar
    Lauren Little

    So grateful CCS is there to help the wonderful people who live on the island of Puerto Rico. Their needs have been so ignored by the media because its a problem that is not a “quick fix” for the TV audience. I am sure the food is awesome!!! Look forward to pictures!!

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