Indian Politics – an Opportunity to Understand the World

By Ashton Willcox

I can’t wait to get to India and stop traveling.

This airport in Abu Dhabi feels like America.  It’s very westernized.  It feels like an airport anywhere in the developed world – in Europe or somewhere else.  It doesn’t feel special.  The people we’re surrounded by are from all over the world, which also makes this feel like any other airport.

I am looking forward to being somewhere that feels different, less westernized.  I am looking forward to getting out of airport terminals and entering a real world.  Being here makes me appreciate why we are traveling.  It is not to check off boxes in random countries but to really experience a place and be immersed in a culture.

I am really interested in the Indian political system and what is going on politically in the country right now.  I plan to interview people in India along our voyage to try to get a sense for the political situation.  My questions so far are:

  1. Do you think Indian politics are becoming too radical?
  2. What are your opinions of Prime Minister Modi and his party?
  3. Do you support the BJP or the Congress Party?
  4. Do you think that the India and Pakistani border situation is escalating too fast?
  5. Where do you think religion fits into Indian politics?

I hope that people will be open to my questions.  Sometimes people in the United States react quickly to political questions.  I hope that I will be able to engage in long thoughtful conversations about these topics while in India.

I think that the entire group is looking forward to finally being on the subcontinent.  People’s morale is high but I know that others have questions similar to mine that they can’t wait to ask.  It might not be about politics, but each of us seems to have an interest or a focus that will shape our experience.

3 thoughts on “Indian Politics – an Opportunity to Understand the World

  1. Excellent lead blog post, Ashton. When Mr. Modi was elected, he promised to spent one-trillion-dollars improving the country’s roads, utilities, services–all kinds of infrastructure. You might want to find out if he has actually done that. Also, some people are speculating that Modi is in military-mode with Pakistan because it will help him in his re-election bid. Is he trying to become a “strongman” leader and take more power for himself, or is he committed to representative democracy and just sending out jet fighters to get votes?

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  2. Sounds like you have really given the upcoming experience some excellent forethought. Go immerse yourself, ask your questions and toward the end of your trip, post on the blog what you have learned. I’ll be watching with great interest.


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