March 16

We awoke early yesterday morning in Agora and watched the sun light up the snow-capped peaks. After saying tearful farewells to Suman’s mother, grandmother, and sister/ our fellow traveler, Madhu, we hiked down to the trailhead. We ate a delicious breakfast in Uttarkashi and then wound our way through the mountains to Mussoorie, a former British hill station on the edge of the Himalayas and a place where the Alter family has a long history and legacy.

In Mussoorie we ate Tibetan food at a quirky, comfortable hotel where most of the group spent the night. Then we walked down the steep, narrow streets and explored the heart of the town as the sun set and the air cooled.

Now we have made it down from the mountains to the plains, and we are on our way back to Delhi. We hope to have some time to shop before boarding our 4 AM flight to Abu Dhabi and then home!

2 responses to “Descent to the plains”

  1. jbyersccs Avatar

    Mussoorie is a charming place. I’m glad you all got to have a night and visit there. The thing about India is that it’s all eye-popping but it never feels the same from place to place. Maybe that’s because Aaron makes sure each stop stands out on its own.

  2. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    God speed to all of you! Know it’s been a bittersweet 24 hours saying farewell to Agora and your “family” there and starting the long journey home to the waiting arms of everyone here who loves you all so much.

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