The Bears of CCS in Guatemala

There were 144 bears which represented each of the countries recognized by the United Nations. They show aspects of each countries culture and are painted by an artist of the native country. They travel around to different locations. They are in Guatemala celebrating their soon bi-centennial which will happen in 2021. The bears hold each other hands to show that we are united even though we are different. It was really cool to see all the bears and walk through the exhibit. It was also cool to see how proud some people were of some bears, especially the Guatemalan bear. -Maggie Mathews

2 thoughts on “The Bears of CCS in Guatemala

  1. Love the photos and the bears. Extremely cool to take a common figure and represent so many different cultures–looks like the artists did a great job. Thank you for sharing this unique display! Carry on, Blue and Orange. We are proud of the way you are representing CCS!


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