An Incredible Start!

Simply put, Guatemala is an amazing place.  In just three days on the ground, the group has explored the capital city, planted coffee plants on the Meneses family farm, eaten countless tasty meals, hiked a volcano & roasted marshmallows over hot volcanic rocks, and traveled to the black sand beaches of the Pacific coast via some impressive highways and a rickety ferry.  The students have lead discussions about equity, sustainability, business, culture, and much more.  As a school, we couldn’t ask for much more for a start.

Student blog posts are in the works.  You should expect to read about what our students are thinking about.  Trust me, you’ll be impressed!  For now, please enjoy the following sampling of pictures from the first few days.

6 thoughts on “An Incredible Start!

  1. You all have done so much already! Thank you for sharing the photos … I especially love the one of Maggie with the goat! 🙂


  2. What a beautiful farm and home, Esteban! The photo of the spread in your kitchen is making my mouth water. I can understand why you miss and love your home so dearly.


  3. It looks like so great! Send love and best wishes to the Meneses family please.
    I really don’t think Sally should be allowed to drink coffee. Maybe decaf. Maybe😄


  4. I’m sure Destiny is going to have quite a bit to say about the tacos back here at home when she returns — although, one of the advantages of living in New Jersey is the incredible melting pot (this includes authentic food). Either way, I think the “taco” bar has been raised 😉 What a nice update; so happy for each and every one of you to have this amazingly unique experience.


  5. I love these pictures, they really make me miss Guatemala! I’m so glad our students are connected to such a wonderful family to help us all better understand Guatemalan perspectives and culture! The food, of course, looks incredible. Please send my regards to the Meneses family!


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