The first wave is here!

Charlie, Arthur, Jefferson, Ms. Wilbanks, and Coach O’Connell are here and happy. Getting to India is no small feat but even the first drive to the hotel makes it worth it – there is so much to observe!

The students had a lot to say on the ride. Charlie observed the way that the cars here look like the ones we draw as children. Arthur loved the road signs. Jefferson liked the greenery and the shape of the light getting caught in Delhi’s infamous pollution. We can’t wait to continue learning and traveling alongside these young people or for the rest of the group to arrive tomorrow. India is so quick to embrace those lucky enough to visit the subcontinent.

Thank you for joining the adventure!

5 thoughts on “The first wave is here!

  1. So glad you have arrived. Drink lots of bottled or sterilized water. Enjoy the Chai. And all the flavors that are new. Observe details. Ask questions of veterans. There is a lot of knowledge among the travelers. Write in your journal. Little notes and thoughts will have meaning later. Post often be well have fun. Create community.


  2. Glad the first wave made it over safely and that students are already appreciating what being in a new place has to offer. Can’t wait to read the rest of the entries as they come in! Enjoy the adventure!


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