New Delhi in One to Five Words

We boldly stepped out into the streets for our first full group experience of our Delhi neighborhood, Karol Bagh. As Mr. Alter described it, from his vantage point leading the group to dinner we looked like a crazy snake of Christchurch wandering single file down the rainy streets to Karim’s for a famous and delicious first taste of India.

Here’s how each person described their first observations or sensations in one to five words, because one just isn’t enough for this place!

Carli- A place among all of the chaos

Jack- organized chaos

Ashton- familiar tension

Praveen- manmade desert

Mr. O’Connell- disorienting and overwhelming

Nurse Dehm- Ying and Yang

Caroline- hectic engagement

Carl- crowded

Harry- mysterious

Gannon- motions and intentions towards a cause

Willem- one big game of Frogger

Jordan- eventful

Saylor- vivid

Peyton- discombobulating

Ms. Wilbanks- distracting

Ms. Brumfield- sweetly scented with something unknown

Nathan- cramped coexistence

Ms. Tanner- spicy

Charlie- professional cleaning

Ms. Krieder- noisy, not just audibly

Arthur- sensory overload

Suman- too hectic and contrast

Mary Esten- helter-skelter

Mr. Cola- hyper multi-sensory living

Anna- too fast

Jeff- everyone is going somewhere

Delaney- confusing

Mr. Kempe- so different yet familiar

Mr. Alter- interconnected through driving experience

3 thoughts on “New Delhi in One to Five Words

  1. In other words “normal” for New Dehli! So much to see…so much to do…so much to learn and experience! Happy exploring to all the happy wonderers❣


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