What’s on our minds

We’re sitting in the airport at JFK, spread out in an airy section of seating adjacent to Gate B34. We’ll be airborne in less than two hours and soon enough in Senegal, our home for the next 11 days. There’s so much to look forward to. Here’s what’s on our minds at this moment:

Khoudia – “I want to discover a whole new world within my own country. I am looking forward to exploring new places – Niokolo Koba National Park and Popenguine in particular. But I am also really excited to share places that I know very well. I can’t wait to show the group the SEED Academy and how we trained and lived there. I can’t wait to see my family and introduce everyone to them and my mother in particular. I haven’t seen my father in ten years because he is living in Switzerland so the whole idea of family and home is on my mind. I look forward to exploring that more.”

Francesca – “I’m thinking about sleeping and experiencing a new culture (and its spices). I want to see something that I can’t even imagine yet, a newness and an energy. I don’t know what I will love or not love but I am excited to see it. I am open minded and appreciative in advance, especially in the wake of demonstration week.”

Mrs. Wessinger – “Mangoes, oysters, and bathing in the river – these are the things on my mind.”

Jordan – “I can’t stop thinking about community. How does community in Senegal reflect community in the US or CCS? I look forward to exploring that in so many ways and thinking about it. And, of course, tiger fish. Those teeth though.”

Andrew – “I am doing my last physics homework (you’re welcome, Mr. Pyles) but thinking about all of the fond memories I will have because of the evidence I will have about Cameron’s experience. I’m so excited about this trip I am already looking forward to thinking back on it, awkward pictures and all.”

Cameron – “I am pretty absorbed in my DS because we’re not going to get to use electronics much in Senegal. Trying to get these points. It’s also interesting to think about diversity in this airport and how that will compare to the airport in Dakar.”

5 thoughts on “What’s on our minds

  1. Yes!! I’ve never been so excited for a trip to be taking off and can’t wait to read about what you notice, what you wonder, and how you lean into it. You all are going to love Senegal. Live into every minute of it!

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