Quotes from the day

We will be adding to this throughout the day…

I have learned a lot today – ‘all plants have male and female parts & tea has caffeine & when cows be farting = bad environment.’ -Erin

‘I have never seen anything like this in person – it’s like what I would build in Minecraft. I love it here.’ -Jackson

‘Horns are like a language here – quiet, let’s figure out what each sound means.’ -Cooper

‘I guess I kind of feel like a child here – everything I think I knew is in the back of my mind. Nothing I do here feels immediately natural. That stuff is in the back. It is all new here.’ -Seaborn

‘That was like Mr. Ashoke’s car! This is low key a lot to think about with White Tiger.’ -Erin

‘The drivers here are literally amazing. I immediately trust these people.’ -Jackson

‘Y’all gonna eat that? Cause I am trying to grub and these paranthas are bohot atcha!’ -Lucas, who ate 5 paranthas and has a Hindi vocab list with 588 translated words or phrases

‘I am so glad to be LOD today – this is an amazing start. So much to see.’ -Moseley

‘Will’s head has been on a swivel this whole time – he is taking so much in.’ -Mr. Cola

‘The country of India is starting to flood in, you know. Flooding into my mind, you know.’ -Mr. Pausic

‘My senses are flooded.’ -Peyton

‘When I hopped out of that bus to go outside and Andrew was taking a picture of some animals he said they were horses and I said nah, those are cows. I mean ghai.’ -Lucas

‘I slept the entire way but when my eyes were open I was surprised by how clear the skies were.’ -Kendall

‘Something that I noticed was that gentrification is a real thing over here. You could see villas that were half completed next to a brand new hotel with luxury stuff. How could those things be next to each other?’ -Nicole

‘I don’t understand how we didn’t crash one time.’ -Cameron

‘That driver wasn’t phased by anything.’ -Max

‘It is nice to appreciate how chai tastes so different in each place. I can’t wait to try more.’ -Nicole

‘Tanner was asking wonderful questions of Suman. I learned a lot just by listening about farming and religion.’ -Jordan

‘I want to know why there are so many half finished and abandoned things.’ -Will

‘I have an admiration for mountains and love West Virginia but this is something different. A whole different world.’ -Seaborn

4 thoughts on “Quotes from the day

  1. Success! I woke up and read your “quotes of the day”, and I’m laughing out loud! Humor, lots of chai, and open eyes on a bus in India- that’s where the magic happens!


  2. Good morning Seahorse adventurers. Sounds like all senses are on high alert for incoming signals: touch; taste; smell; sight; hearing. Smart to approach it with “child” like wonder. Imagine years from now being able to initiate someone into such an experience the way Mr. Alter and Mr. Cola are doing for you. Imagine becoming the expert at something and helping others discover it. And yes, the drivers are amazing. You just have to trust them because you will freak out if you doubt them. They are experts in what they do, too.


  3. Lucas you had me dying at:
    ‘Y’all gonna eat that? Cause I am trying to grub and these paranthas are bohot atcha!’

    So much humor in this group. I can’t wait to follow your experiences and laugh as I read your blog posts!


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