Lucas’ Vision Board – Days 1-4

Lucas has started a daily tradition of capturing his day in art and words. The one rule – it has to fit on a singular page of his tiny field composition notebook! We plan to share these each day. Here are the first four to get us started!

4 thoughts on “Lucas’ Vision Board – Days 1-4

  1. Lucas, my favorite sketches so far…prayer hands on Day 1, the strange margarita type glasses with umbrellas on Bhaarat Do Din (and that you are naming the days in Hindi), and the river scene on Bhaarat 4. You are definitely far from “Lowkey failing at Hindi”. Thanks for allowing all of us to share in the complicated world inside your head and the new one you are clearly observing all around you.


  2. Nice work, Lucas. This is going to create a fabulous keepsake of your trip. Love those bullet points and remember bathing in a river in India as a highlight after a long hike up the mountains. Keep soaking it in and recording it in your unique style and voice.


  3. Awesome, continuing the tradition started in New Mexico last year when Lucas was the only one to keep notes on the two week trek, in pictures.


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