Back in Agora

After the hiatus caused by COVID-19, we are fully settled back in the Assi Ganga Valley. Years ago, Mr. Pausic captured Agora well during his first visit to the subcontinent – “It feels like I have been here, been eating here, forever.” It feels that way for us being back. It seems natural!

We are eating meals with wonderful host families, taking in the countless views, exploring the pristine valley, and loving our time with Suman and Praveen in their home community. We will be sharing lots more in the coming hours and days. Despite some stomach sickness, the group has a lot to share!

But, for now, just some proof that the valley itself as been flourishing while the world deals with an unprecedented pandemic…

3 thoughts on “Back in Agora

  1. Mason, Assi Ganga lunkage is back and you have proven it! That was an amazing long awaited picture to wake up to back here at school.
    Really try hard to make all the connections to why that beautiful critter made it to the pool you caught it in. Doing so, whether in the big blue of home or that steep Himalayan valley, will always compound the intensity and fun of the catch and lead you to more epic hook ups in the future.
    Tights lines buddy!


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