Quotes from Karim’s

Food is a central part of this trip. We have gotten to understand so many places and people through what they grow, cook, and eat. Today, the highlight is Karim’s restaurant. Google it! Here are some quotes to capture the experience:

“It hit me three times – it was like a beat drop in my body.” -Lucas

“I am never going to be the same again. No food will ever be the same again, either.” -Andrew

“Yo this is the best meat I’ve seen in two years!” -Lucas

“I am never going to eat anything like this at home. It’s amazing.” -Moseley

“Excellent. Best I’ve ever had.” -Cooper

“I don’t want any food from back home now. All my cravings have disappeared.” -Cooper

“I feel like a queen eating this.” -Nicole

“Mr. Alter, I’m not going to lie – I questioned when you said this food was the best in the world. But now I see it. I agree.” -Andrew

“Man, now it’s time for a nap.” -Jordan

“I will not be consuming the meal of dinner tonight.” -Mr. Alter

“If you’re feeling depressed, just come to Karim’s. You’ll be fine.” -Lucas

3 thoughts on “Quotes from Karim’s

  1. My mouth is watering…and if you went to the original Karim’s in Old Delhi, I’m going to have to admit that I am experiencing a touch of jealousy.


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