As it is our last day in Valencia, it is the day we present our outlines for our final project that will be created when we get home! We had a late morning and presented in the house. Everyone had incredibly original and thorough ideas. I look forward to seeing how everyone does and what the teachers and other students think. We hurried out of the house after Kate, the last person to present, to catch our cab to Albufera. Valencia’s Albufera is a tiny coastal community with many scenic natural attractions. We went on a boat excursion into Valencia’s port harbor as we arrived. The view from the boat was incredible, and there was so much wildlife! In contrast to Valencia’s hectic streets, it was incredibly calm and soothing. After an hour of exploring and sunbathing, we headed straight to lunch. There was a ton of food for lunch, including four tapas, two rice varieties, coffee, and dessert. The tapas, which included salad, little calamari, mussels, and patatas bravas, was excellent. I thought the rice was the finest. The first dish was calamari rice cooked with squid ink and had tiny chunks of squid. It had a fantastic salty aftertaste and was quite flavorful. But I liked paella better than the other choice. The rice had a lovely, deep flavor and texture, and the chicken was perfectly cooked. After a leisurely lunch, we returned home to prepare for our early departure to Alicante, our next stop.

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