Blog post March 9th

by Miles Wilkin

It was a rainy day. We started the day by taking a bus to the Gaudi Garden–Parque Guell. We arrived at the garden and bought tickets for entry. As we walked through the rain we gazed at the incredible structures before our eyes. We noticed the walls and how they were shaped like waves and how the cathedral was shaped like forest. I think Gaudi liked to use nature to influence his architecture. We got to the top of the garden and looked down at the city of Barcelona. I could see the Mediterranean and the Sagrada Familia. Before that we learned that in order to go up you had to go down. Maybe that was Gaudi’s plan? 

After that excursion we headed to the main plaza in the center of the city (Plaza de Catalunya) to meet a guide for a tour we had booked. It took us a while to find him but we eventually saw this weirdly dressed man carrying an orange umbrella and we figured that was him. One of the biggest things in the tour was the mention of the old city walls. We first approached the main entrance of the old city of Barcino where we were told about the crazy construction and history of the wall. We continued our tour by walking, talking, and touring some of the real and fake gothic buildings which our tour guide was greatly concerned about. We saw everything from ancient Roman columns to fake Visigothic 1929 architecture. It was all very interesting. 

After the tour we said our goodbyes to our guide and then split up into groups to have lunch. Landon and I discovered this nice cafe where we both had Bocadillos. We found a quiet place to sit and took in the views. We eventually met up with the group again and decided to walk around the city some more. We went to a lot of cool places like this one art gallery that had some prints of Picasso and a different, quieter market closer to our home. We arrived back at the apartment for a rest and then had a charcuterie type dinner with multiple heated discussions about some nonsense. After everyone had finished speaking their minds we thought of a game plan for the next day and decided to call it a night.

One thought on “Blog post March 9th

  1. Estudiantes!! I have LOVED following along with your experience in Valencia – all of your posts have been descriptive and thoughtful – and thank you for the pictures! As the trip comes to a close, I can’t wait to hear what you all are going to carry back with you to CCS from this wonderful spring break experience…the different themes, questions and images that will outlast your time there. You all have been in my heart and mind these last few weeks, and I hope you have safe travels back!!!


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