By Praveen Rawat

This is my first blog post in my life, I would like to apologize for any shortcoming and mistake. It is a bit difficult to tell everything in this post.

It can be like when there is a hint that the finger tries to tell everything about the moon, but the reality of the moon can be found only by going to the moon.

First Trek with CCS:

Right after I turned 12, it was my first hiking job with CCS.

At that time I thought this is a good opportunity for me to practice English. But, what I didn’t know is that I am getting knowledge of many other ways apart from just learning the language. I have learned to think more logical & scientifically, that more development is not good for humans, what angling is, etc.

“Eastern Body, Western Mind” ~ Anodea Judith

I have met many CCS school children here who are very fearless and courageous and intelligent. Helping people without knowing language, Ready to take any risk in future.

But I am also sorry to say that many people are suffering from some disease or allergies which is the reverse of our village. I didn’t know that allergies or depression existed before, as they do not happen in Agora.

I have tried to understand why and I think that along with mental work, physical work is also necessary. That is what keeps us so healthy and avoids the things that I have learned happen in America.

Friends & Relationship:

Aaron Alter is the best contributor to this, he has shown and continues to be a very good traveler and teacher. He has worked to understand this place very well, he has built a better relationship with the people here, which makes it easier for the CCS school and the villagers to mingle with each other.

It’s easy to be a learner, not a teacher:

I really enjoy working with this group of CCS school every year, but as a learner. And I feel very fortunate that I am getting to learn from the best teacher in the world, experience, and to be with the learners.

It is always very difficult to say goodbye. But happiness comes from the fact that we met the best person.

Thank you Mr. Alter, Mr. Suman ji, Mr. Kola ji, Ms. Mollie Haley ji, Ms. Gidget and all the CCS kids and Guruji, who are helping me become a better person.

Miss you all 🙏🏼

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  1. JEB Byers Avatar
    JEB Byers

    Praveen, what a wonderful wise commentary. You have enriched so many lives and have friends all over the world. Be well and thank you for supporting CCS people always!

  2. Mollie Avatar

    Thank you Praveen for being brave and for writing your own blog post. I had to wipe away the tears and spend some time looking through old pictures of trips to India before I could comment. Sincerity is not something that everyone on this earth is blessed to have as a strength, but you are. Every memory that I have of you, Praveen embodies your earnest nature. I love learning from you about farming and love that you always had questions for me about growing food in my garden. I love eating the amaranth that you sent home with Haley ji last summer. I love watching you help the CCS group make it up many challenging climbs. I love watching you make friends with new people. I loved seeing you with your family and as you built your second story on your home. Praveen, you are always humble and sincere. You feel very far away at times, but I will remember what you said, that happiness comes from knowing the best person. You are one of those kind of people in my life!

  3. Cola Avatar

    Hi Praveen! Thanks for putting your post out there. You have added so much to so many and you’ve done it in the most humble way imaginable. Your open mind and grounded spirit is as special as they come.
    Love you buddy and I miss you too

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