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  • Our Agora Home

    Our Agora Home

    We are all happily surrounded by Agora. It’s early morning now and the familiar sounds of life here are slowly waking us up – crows making their daily flight to search for food, families preparing kids for school, cows being sent to pasture. It’s peaceful and familiar. Yesterday, We ate our first meals with host…

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  • Reunited


    By food!

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  • Anticipation!


    Han and I are soon to be reunited with the rest of the group. Though we have enjoyed our side-adventure and embraced the unexpected, we are both eager to rejoin the main gang. Here are some of Hans’ thoughts: ‘I loved this adventure and think I don’t regret what happened. Now I am just excited…

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  • Species list

    Species list

    We’ll keep this updated. Birds Hill partridge Red junglefowl Indian Peacock Black Stork Black kite Changeable hawk eagle Red-wattled lapwing Rose-ringed parakeet Greater coucal Common hoopoe Indian roller White-throated kingfisher Common kingfisher Green bee-eater Oriental pied hornbill Indian grey hornbill Goldenback Drongo Crow Animals Elephant Leopard Sambar deer Spotted deer Flying squirrel Barking deer Black…

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  • Building Connections

    Building Connections

    By Blair Pausic   Today, we travelled back to the jetty where the ferry dropped us off on Havelock Island. While we were there, we had the opportunity to talk and learn more about the people. We began our adventure at the Moonlit Sands with Joseph, the manager of the resort. He spoke of the…

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  • Experiencing Common Ground

    Experiencing Common Ground

    By Jack Barker My experience in India so far has brought me a change in personal views. When I first came to India, I didn’t know what to expect honestly. I felt like I was knowledgeable about many things, but the people in India and their culture was not one. I was certainly pretty curious…

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  • The Mainland – an Update

    The Mainland – an Update

    After dealing with an unexpected twist in plans, Han Zhou and I have spent the last few days on the mainland while the rest of the group enjoys the incredible wonders of the Andaman Islands. Though Han and I are obviously disappointed not to be with the group for this time or to get our…

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  • The surprising familiarity…

    The surprising familiarity…

    By Claude Owen As this was the first full day in India and the only full day in Delhi, I was stoked to be today’s leader. Rather than the travelling that had occupied the day of our arrival, or the next day when we would hop on a plane to fly to Port Blair, I…

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  • Day 1 – my first impressions

    Day 1 – my first impressions

    By Andrew Merrick Day one of the trip began after the very long journey where we flew from Washington D.C. to Dubai on EK 232, followed by a second flight on EK 516 with service to Delhi. Once we arrived in Delhi the first thing that I noticed were the dogs on the street. They…

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  • Reflecting on Delhi – a glimpse into our discussions

    Reflecting on Delhi – a glimpse into our discussions

    Elias: “The city is hectic but the people aren’t describes how the city works. The peoples seem calm inside and to us it looks so busy – but it’s actually not busy once you understand it.” Kam: “The crab last night was delicious.” “The best time so far was returning to the airport in Port…

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  • Port Blair – the end of another long journey

    Port Blair – the end of another long journey

    The group is settled in Port Blair, capitol of the Andaman Islands, for the night. The turquoise waters and endless reefs lured us in from the sky. The Andamans feel like the end of the earth but they also feel like home. Familiar food – chicken lollipops and crab at New Lighthouse restaurant. Chai. Familiar…

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  • New Delhi – an Indian welcome!

    New Delhi – an Indian welcome!

    Most of the group is still sound asleep – we were understandably tired last night after our long day of travel and a few hours in India’s bustling capital.  New Delhi, on the other hand, is already wide awake.  Sitting on the rooftop of our hotel, I can hear the sounds of trains, prayer calls,…

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  • Feet on the subcontinent!

    Feet on the subcontinent!

    We are in India and excited! Though we are travel weary, the streets of Delhi have energized us! More soon…

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  • Dubai – a surreal layover

    Dubai – a surreal layover

    We are safely in Dubai after crossing the ocean in the world’s largest commercial plane. We flew by the tallest building in the world and are now waiting at our gate for the flight to Delhi. We are a tired, excited crew.

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  • On the plane!

    On the plane!

    I am excited but I still can’t really process what’s about to happen! -Mariana I am ready to go! -Caleb Lewis I am totally stoked and can’t wait to fly on this huge plane. I am looking forward to searching for a good independent project. I also can’t wait to see Suman, Praveen and my…

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