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  • A Positive Mindset – A Goal

    A Positive Mindset – A Goal

    By Julia Aaron While being in India, I have made connections with people who I never thought I would come across in my lifetime. On just our second day in India, a small group of us spent an afternoon in Delhi with a family who personally knows Mr. Alter. Akbar, a rickshaw driver, invited us…

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  • Unspoiled Places

    Unspoiled Places

    By Pete Coburn March 9th We spent the majority of the day traveling through the plains, near the foothills of the Himalayas. We left Corbett National Forest far behind for another adrenaline pumping, white-knuckled adventure on the Indian highway system, lurching through chaotic and crowded streets with the type of reassuring dexterity and confidence found…

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  • Novice to Experienced

    Novice to Experienced

    By Jack Barker My first year in India was a life-changing experience for the good. But I made many mistakes and many fast judgments of people and missed opportunities that I would now take back. In all honesty I was scared, which is hard for me to admit. This year the tables have turned; I’ve…

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  • Some pictures

    Some pictures

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  • Narratives Through Place

    Narratives Through Place

    By: Anna At the beginning of this journey, I experienced many different moments of heartbreak such as having to tell a five year old boy who was covered in mud, shoeless, and malnourished that I could not give him any kind of donation. This particular boy broke my heart because I felt that I had…

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  • Ikra


    By Beliz Yilmaz (From March 3) After visiting two completely different temples of different religions in Delhi, we were on our way to Akbar’s house in rickshaws. Akbar is the owner of the rickshaw company we used to get around old Delhi; he is Muslim. After going to a Bahá’i and a Hindu temple, it…

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  • Agora Welcome

    Agora Welcome

    by Angela Showalter We reached Agora yesterday in time for our first meal with host families after a long drive through the mountains, an overnight stay in Uttarkashi, and a sunny two-hour hike from the trailhead. Splitting into groups of 4 and 5, we followed our hosts to their homes and enjoyed our first tastes…

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  • Rishikesh and Mountains

    Rishikesh and Mountains

    by Colin Mulherin We started the day by driving to Rishikesh, the city where the Beatles wrote The White Album. This was probably the strangest city I have ever visited. Rishikesh wasn’t chaotic like New Delhi, but it was a strange mix of Indian and western cultures, all in one small city. This was the…

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  • Necessities

    By: Louie When first arriving in India, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But throughout this trip, I have been able to adjust and I started thinking about the differences between my life in the US and daily life in India. Yesterday, we went to a small village in Corbett National Park. There, we…

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  • The Energy of a Place

    The Energy of a Place

    By: Gabriela Two days ago, we woke up with cars honking in the chaos of the streets of New Delhi. Yesterday, we woke up with birds singing and the peaceful Kosi River of the National Park. Different places bring us different feelings, and make us have different thoughts and different points of view over life.…

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  • Daring Adventure

    By Sophie Scott Throughout our trip, a good rule of thumb is to use your phone as little as possible. You don’t want to miss the perplexing pace of the city street (or get hit by a motorbike carrying a woman nursing her baby in the process) nor the beauty of the plains outside the…

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  • Looks Can Be Deceiving

    By Lucas Masiello Our trip in India has been filled with the incredible hospitality of the Indian people. On the ride to Akbar’s house, a rickshaw driver and a good friend of Mr. Alter’s, I got very nervous because the area of Delhi we were going to would be considered by Americans to be slum…

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  • Monkeys and the Jump

    Monkeys and the Jump

    By: Peyton We left Delhi at sunrise and drove across the plains into Corbett National Park. As soon as we stepped out of the bus, we breathed in fresh air unlike the dirty, smoggy, hard to breath air of New Delhi. After we unloaded our bags from the bus, curious monkeys surrounded us. It somehow felt like home,…

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  • Controlled Chaos: The Roads of Delhi

    Controlled Chaos: The Roads of Delhi

    By: Bryan When we arrived in Delhi we quickly came across the roads of Delhi, and instantly something abnormal about it came to mind. The streets were filled with disorder as we looked upon the roads, with hundreds of people filling almost every street. This didn’t feel normal to us; it looked rather chaotic. There were many people in the…

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  • Delhi and the Environment

    Delhi and the Environment

    By: Eliza Carr On our last day in Delhi before coming to the tiger preserve, we divided into groups to look at different aspects of the city. The group I was in focused on the environment. We visited the Yamuna Biodiversity Park and the Lodi Gardens. All of India, especially New Delhi, is known for…

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