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  • Comfort and Family

    Comfort and Family

    By: Jackson Kiland Coming to India, I did not know what to expect. I had visited Guatemala twice with my mom and once with my sister. This trip would be the first time I have travelled to a different country without my family. So I was expecting to feel lost or disoriented in this extremely…

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  • Back in Agora

    Back in Agora

    After the hiatus caused by COVID-19, we are fully settled back in the Assi Ganga Valley. Years ago, Mr. Pausic captured Agora well during his first visit to the subcontinent – “It feels like I have been here, been eating here, forever.” It feels that way for us being back. It seems natural! We are…

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  • Lucas’ vision board – days 5-8

    Lucas’ vision board – days 5-8

    Here is the next installment! More soon…

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  • Cooper’s Highlight Tape

    Cooper’s Highlight Tape

    By: Cooper Leeman As I begin to write this, I am sitting on my patio with Andrew listening to some music. We are both reminiscing on the trip and thinking about all the funny moments throughout the days. Tomorrow, we head off to our biggest adventure yet: Agora. For my blog post, I wanted to…

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  • Where Am I?

    Where Am I?

    By: Emilie Janzen How often do you sit and wonder where you are? Today, as I sat on a rock on the edge of the Ganges, Mr. Cola gave us a prompt to consider – where am I? We were asked to consider not just the name of the city or location, but where are…

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  • 0.5x Lens

    0.5x Lens

    By: Andrew Updyke Being able to change your perspective is a key to life. The ability to step back and see the whole situation (like the 0.5x lens on your iPhone) puts you in a position to understand. It helps you see something from someone else’s point of view. Which only helps you when it…

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  • Why do we feel sad to leave?

    Why do we feel sad to leave?

    By: Jordan Bayliss and Ward Bourdeaux What is special about this place? Why does it matter? Why does it make us emotional to leave? As our tempo traveller pulled away from our short lived home at Camp the Himalaya, a somber cloud came over us. It was a quiet van ride through the hazy mountain…

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  • Windows, Dung Beetles and the Dragon Run

    Windows, Dung Beetles and the Dragon Run

    By: Lucas Shelton Part Ek: Nadi A river of ice flows fast as the tropical turquoise river stays calm. You can admire the cold river all you want, but eventually your must return to the turquoise river. You should love the falling sun but do not hate what comes next. Staying in the turquoise river,…

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  • Trust and Expectations

    Trust and Expectations

    By: Seaborn Barker Part One – Thoughts from the Mountain 2450 feet up, facing southeast, I am awed. Where I sit atop of a mountain will morph into an island in a years time because of the dam. The mighty Saryu reduced to a modest garden snake, slithering at the feet of the righteous ridges…

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  • Some pictures…

    Some pictures…

    More to come with better internet access!

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  • Lucas’ Vision Board – Days 1-4

    Lucas’ Vision Board – Days 1-4

    Lucas has started a daily tradition of capturing his day in art and words. The one rule – it has to fit on a singular page of his tiny field composition notebook! We plan to share these each day. Here are the first four to get us started!

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  • Openness

    By Will Blake thinking about the past few days, and the places we’ve seen, the people we’ve met, and the conversations we’ve had, I can’t help but circle back to a strong feeling of openness, in people, in religion, in villages, in sharing. this openness never seems to stop or start anywhere over the mountains.…

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  • Blogger’s Remorse

    Blogger’s Remorse

    By Andrew Updyke As I fell asleep last night in my tent to the screams of Cooper and Cameron (that little one inch wide spider must have been pretty proud of itself), I already knew that this place was going to be beautiful. We had arrived that night, after an 11 hour car ride that…

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  • Right and Wrong

    Right and Wrong

    By Peyton McDonald When you are young and your parents try to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong it all seems so simple and black and white. You can put what’s right or wrong into imaginary boxes. I knew that I shouldn’t steal or I shouldn’t be mean to people. It all felt so…

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  • Pancheshwar


    Pancheshwar will be our home for the next 5 days. It is an amazing part of India that is soon to be permanently changed by the construction of a massive dam. The towering blockage of the river will stand as the second or third tallest in the world and will submerge more than 50 miles…

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