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  • Thoughts on Day 2

    Thoughts on Day 2

    ‘Tanner, thoughts on going out of the country for the first time?’ -Erin ‘It’s way less scary or ‘I don’t know where I am’ than I expected. It is all different but it feels right. Having this group makes me feel comfortable exploring, makes me want to do it more.’ -Tanner ‘These mountains put everything…

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  • Movement


    By Moseley Davidson Friday, June 3 Some would say this three week trip began in India, but I would say it started on the plane. The long flights tested all of us. For some it was difficult to fill the time, others didn’t have enough time to fill. For me, I listened to music I…

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  • Quotes from the day

    Quotes from the day

    We will be adding to this throughout the day… I have learned a lot today – ‘all plants have male and female parts & tea has caffeine & when cows be farting = bad environment.’ -Erin ‘I have never seen anything like this in person – it’s like what I would build in Minecraft. I…

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  • Reunited


    We have made it to the other end of our journey. Well, at least through the flight portion. Now we are driving across the fertile plains towards Uttarakhand. It is beautiful and ‘feels like a dream.’ The students are observing a lot and we are about to stop for our first chai and parantha. Life…

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  • The Adventure Begins!

    The Adventure Begins!

    The group has convened in Washington DC and some of us are already en route to India! It feels so good to be on the way back to the subcontinent. Spirits are high! As Erin put it, it’s actually a bit surreal. This particular trip at the end of this particular year just feels almost…

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    18 students and 6 faculty are poised to return to the subcontinent after a long hiatus. Please follow along and make sure to ask questions through the comments section of the posts we share. We could not be more excited to see our friends back in India!

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