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  • Firsts & Seconds

    Firsts & Seconds

    Midnight approaches, marking the end of a long day.  Tired travelers are already asleep – as Latane put it, it feels like we’ve been here for 3 days!  A list of firsts experienced by members of our group today: First flight First croissant jambon-fromage First ride in a pirogue First run in with Senegalese bureaucracy…

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  • First impressions

    First impressions

    ‘I was sleeping in the car – just saw how many people there are in between dreams. So much going on here!’ -Han Zhou ‘It’s very obvious that growth is happening – houses, shops, patterns. As we drove into the market, there was lots of color and people. On the outside it was drab and…

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  • The Sine Saloum

    The Sine Saloum

    Our first stop is the Sine Saloum Mangrove Delta. The warm tidal currents and small fishing communities will serve as our landing pad – a place to acclimate and recover from the journey. Here’s an outline of the place: The Sine—Saloum is a region of Senegal that is north of the Gambia River and south…

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  • Teranga!


    Teranga is the Wolof word that best captures Senegal and its incredible culture. Translated simply, it means hospitality. This is the country of hospitality. The group is just two hours from touchdown and things could not be more perfect for their arrival – great weather (80s during the day and cool at night), awesome vehicles…

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  • Teranga Awaits!

    Teranga Awaits!

    The group is ready to go!  With just a few days left, the energy is palpable.  This is going to be an excellent adventure!  Please follow us as we explore the Mandinka world.

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