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  • True Generosity

    True Generosity

    By Amanda Freeman For a group of people that have so little, they give so much. Throughout our trip, we talked a lot about poverty and what it really is.  We talked about how we, as Americans, define poverty as a lack of money or material possessions, but how it can also be defined as…

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  • EP-ji’s Journal

    EP-ji’s Journal

    By Evan Pausic   Trekking from Uttarkashi Purity through              the great H                         cleaning lady cast to H                           the side and we’ve managed not to pay…

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  • Silence

    By Ellie Liedl “To be in silence can start with a journey in the mind.  Be with oneself and start anew.”  I have used this way of thinking for most of this trip.  The key to succeeding and truly seeing in the silence is personal silence. How can you stop, look, feel and listen?  I’ve learned…

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  • Akhil & Ansika

    Akhil & Ansika

    By Sally Johnson As I approached the Panwar household for lunch on a beautiful Monday afternoon, I had only seconds to admire the incredible scenery.  A young Akhil came running at me with the beautiful giggle of his.  As he drew near, I crouched down and opened my arms to him. He comes in fast…

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  • Freedom to Play (Mar. 6th)

    Freedom to Play (Mar. 6th)

    By Alice Johnson Going to sleep in one place and waking up in another – that sums up our 18 hour bus ride through the Himalayas.  With a few breaks, we got to the top of our amazing three mile hike.  We all had great attitudes and smiles as we hiked up the steep mountain.…

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  • Closing the Mental Eye (Mar. 8th)

    Closing the Mental Eye (Mar. 8th)

    By Charlie Lange Our fearless group walks the path to Dodital. One foot in front of the other. Six miles, seven miles, we lose track. We wonder, “will we ever get there?” Finally we come upon the sacred temple to Ganesh. The same location where Ganesh was decapitated by Shiva as he was guarding the…

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  • True Purity (Mar. 6th)

    By Kelsey English After sleeping in for the first time, we woke up to a glorious mountain morning.  Although towering mountains surround us on all sides, I have never felt a freedom so pure. The vibrancy of Agora overwhelmed me in the best possible way.  After 25 hours of traveling we were finally in the place…

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  • Like Birds (Mar. 8th)

    Like Birds (Mar. 8th)

    By Roy Berry Meaningful experiences are like birds.  If you run up to a bird and try to catch it, the bird will quickly fly away.  If you bait the bird on a daily basis, it will eventually let its guard down and then you can snag it. In other words, the idea is not…

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  • No Hesitation

    No Hesitation

    By Natalie Stevenson As we hiked down the mountain to the Assi Ganga river valley my only motivation was to put my days without showering behind me.  I looked around the rock-filled river bed and the streams of water spewing here and there.  I reminisced about my whitewater rafting days in Colorado. It was a beautiful…

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  • The Unexpected (Feb. 29th)

    By Kieran Hanley Even though I did not catch a GT, the trip has been amazing. Waking up and getting in a rickshaw to one of the best beaches in Asia was a surreal experience.  The rickshaw drive was awesome because I got to see most of the island.  There was never a dull moment…

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  • Photographs

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  • Roaming & Haikus

    Roaming & Haikus

    Shaohan stayed in Agora when the group split in two.  He kept an active, introspective mind through various experiences and conversations in the village.  He also spent a lot of time thinking through writing. Here are some of the results:   Roaming more like lost in the village went to Balbir’s house He is out end…

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  • A Day with Shiva (Mar. 7th)

    A Day with Shiva (Mar. 7th)

    March 7th was the beginning of the Shivyatri, an annual event in the Hindu calendar that celebrates Shiva, one of the religion’s most important gods.  All across India, people spent the day fasting and praying.  One of our students, Evan, decided to join the tradition.  The day was monumental for him (he describes it as…

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  • Exploring the Valley

    Exploring the Valley

    The Assi Ganga valley is an incredible educational resource.  Our group, diverse as it is, is combing the “classroom” for meaning.  This has already entailed countless conversations, helping to build the roof of a house, eating local meals, sending half the group off to Dodital Lake (yes, a CCS group finally made it!), visiting three different…

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  • Happiness is Essential (Mar. 2nd)

    By Zhuoran Wu Today, March the 2nd, is our last full day on Havelock Island. I can’t believe we are going to leave this place tomorrow. Happiness is essential for life – it is also one of the main topics of this trip. Everyone, students and teachers, separated into three groups today: all-day fishing group,…

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