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  • Beautiful Lessons (March 6th)

    Beautiful Lessons (March 6th)

    By Kathryn James Warm smiles welcomed us into the village.  The gentle hellos and the bright facial expressions made me feel content and relaxed. Coming from the United States, where I think the little actions aren’t recognized enough, it was refreshing to visit Agora.  I see a culture where one does not look to say…

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  • Update from Agora

    We are settled into our mountain home.  The travel from the Andaman Islands to this quiet corner of the Himalayas was epic – a 2 hour ferry ride, a 6 hour flight, an 18 hour bus ride and a 3 hour hike.  This group handled it impressively, with smiling faces and eager minds. Our plans…

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  • Going All Out

    Going All Out

    By Caleb Lewis This trip has been amazing so far – from the start in New Delhi to going to the Andamans and arriving on Havelock Island. Havelock is beautiful, truly beautiful. The only word that can describe how I see it is unique. When I arrived on the island, I expected a perfect place…

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  • The Value of a Village (Mar. 2nd)

    The Value of a Village (Mar. 2nd)

    By Avery Shivers They smiled cheerfully. I asked them about their school. One child explained that his family lives in Calcutta (Kolkata) but he stays and studies on Havelock Island. He was about five feet tall and six years old. I thought of the misery of 6 year-old Avery being thousands of miles from his…

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  • Perspective (Feb. 26th & 27th)

    By Harold Pressley IV Everybody sees different situations with different perspectives at different times throughout the day, however I noticed that the situations we have seen, all line up with the idea of respect. Now someone might point out a situation that stuck out to them and have zero intention to connect it to respect…

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  • Divergent Roads (Feb. 25th & 26th)

    By Shaohan Zhang   We lost two other buses on a divergent exit Both roads will lead to the same place We chose the one with less footprints   After making different choices, we end up at the same place. Same destination; Dulles Airport. For this planned trip, everyone’s destination in the United States is…

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  • We Must Live (Feb. 29th)

    We Must Live (Feb. 29th)

    By Sydney Pitts   As the waves crash ashore they create an electric horizon and imprint a culture of vibrancy. The peace and serenity of the beach seems untouchable. Uncle Joseph is a model of selflessness. We take so much – we need so little. This place is divergent and true. The people here –…

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  • Spreading Smiles (Feb. 27th)

    Spreading Smiles (Feb. 27th)

    By Abby Blankenship As we sat in the large bus labeled “TOURIST,” we looked in on the busy world around us –  the way an immature child might tap on the glass of a fish tank looking at the life of a different species.  We were fascinated with the differences.  Our narrow American minds didn’t…

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  • February 27th

    New Delhi was truly an awakening. We slept a little, we considered existence and happiness, we ate delicious food near the 2nd largest mosque in Asia, and bright colors, complicated odors and unfamiliar sights generally assaulted us. It was not “easy.” By the end, though, we felt more at home on the other side of…

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  • A day in Delhi (Feb. 27th)

    By Avery Shivers Ancient tombs, a pickup game of soccer, Karim’s, head-bobs, and the intense search for metal coffee mugs. The day began in a customs line, long and tiring.  Then baggage claim.  We ended up creating a mountain of luggage on the floor of the New Delhi Airport. The first step outdoors, smoggy and…

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  • A Cup of Tea…

    A Cup of Tea…

    Our day began with important rest for most and then chai for all.  Drinking delicious tea with Suman brings back great memories and makes us feel excited for what is to come!

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  • The Adventure Begins!

    The Adventure Begins!

    We are on the way north to Washington, DC.  The buses are filled with all the necessities (and a few pounds of extras).  The adventure feels real, and the excitement is palpable.  We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.  For now, here are some quotes from Bus #4: “Let’s go!  I’m ready!” –…

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