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  • Agora 


    By Austin May Winding paths, up and down.  Above blue skies and snowy caps.  Valleys so deep and mountains so high.  Himalayas full of life.  Birds chirping left and right.  Terraces on top of terraces.  Walking in the steps of those before us.  Feeling connected to their lives.  As we reach Agora we are no…

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  • Off to Agora

    Off to Agora

    Good morning! Today we depart bustling, bursting Uttarkashi, trading it for a few miles of hiking some 2000+ feet to our home away from home: Agora.  Last night we as a team discussed all the beautiful and complicated moments we saw on our long bus ride from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi. There were families hand-mixing cement on…

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  • Ma Ganga

    Ma Ganga

    By Charlie Lange Rishikesh: the gateway to the Ganges. The city is a net sifting through our spirits and dripping away our thoughts as flowers down the river. Dripping from glaciers as old as the gods, the Ganges has stood the test of time. Now it’s time to part ways and seek personal connection.  Silver…

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  • 26 (?) February 2017

    26 (?) February 2017

    By Jack Newton I can’t say for sure this was our second day in India or not, but after today I am certain we are indeed in India. Traveling takes a lurching motion—there is a rush of action, and as soon as it comes, there is nothing but rumbling and perhaps a little motion sickness…

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  • Dev Bhoomi

    Dev Bhoomi

    We are on the way from the banks of the Ganges to Agora, our home away from home. The winding roads are our right of passage. The sand, the glacial water and the holy cities, these commodities we have so happily held in the palms of our hands during the last 48 hours, have given…

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  • Some Notes for the Next Few Days

    Some Notes for the Next Few Days

    Namaste, jis! Your intrepid travelers have asked that I update you with a few notes: We are going to the land of limited internet and certainly no wifi. Please don’t fret if you don’t hear from us daily. We are safe and together—just having an off-the-grid adventure.  Everyone is having a ton of fun and…

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  • The First Day

    The First Day

    By Rosie Kilby Before the our first day in India as tourists had begun, we were warned about the cultural shock to be experienced. The scenes we witnessed were insane, just the glimpses of the people we saw proved that their lives were so incredibly unique and special in comparison to ours. The apparent contrast…

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  • Rishikesh 🙏🏼

    Rishikesh 🙏🏼

    We are finally here.  Suman and Parveen met us at the airport in Delhi, and shortly after loading up our buses we made our way north to Rishikesh, where we will stay tonight to gain a context for the rest of our journey.  Today’s travel through the plains was punctuated by sugar cane, chai and…

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  • Abu Dhabi Reactions 🙌🏼

    Abu Dhabi Reactions 🙌🏼

    As we listen to the call to prayer over the airport speakers, the bustling airport energy, and the sonorous joys of teens snacking on pizza, we thought it’d be a perfect time to collect some reactions to Abu Dhabi: Andrew Antwi: it’s colorful, modern—it’s obvious that this is a vibrant city. People seemed surprised that…

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  • Connected


    After twelve hours in air, we have safely arrived in Abu Dhabi. I’ll tell you what, we have some champion sleepers on this team. Austin won, though, as she slept a whopping nine hours on the first leg. The food on the flight was delicious, and the movie selection was quite impressive.  We have a…

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  • Boarded! 


    Eye masks in place.  Movie choices perused (Mr. Alter has chosen Planet Earth, season 2, episode one—just FYI).  Lots of discussions about the plastic wrap covering ALL of our in-flight goodies like headphones and eye masks (sustainability on our minds).  Dreams of warm chai and daal.  Here’s to a long flight with friends!

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  • One Step Closer

    One Step Closer

    Snacks abound as we make ourselves at home in Terminal A. We are one step closer to India—sort of. We have a long flight ahead of us. But, we are so happy to be here. 

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  • We are off (to Dulles)! 

    We are off (to Dulles)! 

    There were only a few tearful goodbyes as we loaded our buses. Mostly the promise of adventure permeates our minds. It feels like we have spent an eternity preparing for this moment. Now it’s here. We are on our way, and we couldn’t be more excited.  There are many smiles and lots of talks about…

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  • 2 Days!

    2 Days!

    It’s a normal Tuesday at Christchurch School. We’re bustling between classes, polishing essays, and tightening goggles for labs—all while counting down the minutes until we board our flight for India. We’re an eclectic group of travelers with a myriad of interests. Some of us can’t wait to play with the kids in Agora; others are…

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