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  • Cuestion Grupal

    Cuestion Grupal

    We have spent hours discussing important things together.  If we could, we would love to share all of these conversations with those not lucky enough to join us.  We can’t do that. But we can share some reflections from a question we all tried to answer earlier in the trip: How has this trip changed…

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  • Spanish Lessons; Our Road to Understanding

    Spanish Lessons; Our Road to Understanding

    Our time on the shore of Lake Atitlan has been busy.  We have explored several of the many villages dotted above the clear blue water, played soccer and basketball with local children, eaten incredible food, learned about the travesty of the Guatemalan Civil War, helped build a farming terrace, learned about permaculture and its connection…

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  • Food as a Window (from the beginning of the trip)

    Food as a Window (from the beginning of the trip)

    By Sophie Heath Last night many of us woke up very early to the rumbling of a distant earthquake. While I personally did not wake up to this “disturbance,” many of us were shocked by this first experience in Guatemala City before we’d even seen the sun here. During the day we decided to take…

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  • Everyday is my favorite

    Everyday is my favorite

    By Amanda Hirsch (and published late by Mr. Alter…) June 1st

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  • We never learned his name

    We never learned his name

    By Destiny Gonzales We never learned his name. I wish we could have spent more time with the children at the restaurant, Calle Real, and gotten to know them. I went from eating my lunch on the restaurant patio, to playing soccer with two younger boys on the sidewalk, to giving the boy a hug…

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  • Magical Adventures in El Hawaii

    Magical Adventures in El Hawaii

    By Kennedy Jones Today was our first full day in El Hawaii on the Guatemalan coast. We woke up to new sights and sounds that had been hard to recognize last night when we arrived. The beauty of the waves rolling in and the birds chirping was new compared to the bustling streets of the…

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  • El Hawaii

    El Hawaii

    Our time on the Pacific is drawing to a close.  The iconic black sand beaches have left their imprint on us.  Many, perhaps Wesley more than anyone in history, will find this volcanic granulate in their ears and inside their bags for months to come.  It’s a powerful place. Yesterday, we spent most of the…

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  • Coffee can bring people together

    Coffee can bring people together

    By Colleen Rae Imagine a pumpkin carving tool. A tool you bring out to trace the lines of a picture onto the orange surface. The tool itself is orange, shaped with a small handle leading to a circle with spikes cut out in it. Now envision a mountain, full of greenery. Take that tracing tool…

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  • The Power of a Volcano

    The Power of a Volcano

    By Connor Duryea I have had the privilege to say that this is my second time experiencing the crazy and unexpected adventures of Guatemala. Last year during our trip I was given the opportunity to be the “Leader Of The Day” on our hike up the volcano. Today (5/31) I got the opportunity to be…

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  • An Incredible Start!

    An Incredible Start!

    Simply put, Guatemala is an amazing place.  In just three days on the ground, the group has explored the capital city, planted coffee plants on the Meneses family farm, eaten countless tasty meals, hiked a volcano & roasted marshmallows over hot volcanic rocks, and traveled to the black sand beaches of the Pacific coast via…

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  • The Bears of CCS in Guatemala

    The Bears of CCS in Guatemala

    There were 144 bears which represented each of the countries recognized by the United Nations. They show aspects of each countries culture and are painted by an artist of the native country. They travel around to different locations. They are in Guatemala celebrating their soon bi-centennial which will happen in 2021. The bears hold each…

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  • First impressions

    “When I first arrived into Guatemala this year, i was reminiscing the great memories i made here. After making it off the plane and having to wait in immigration for about 30 mins, we got through immigration and had to walk past the intimidating looking guards/militia. I’ve missed this place for the past year and…

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  • Guatemala Bound!

    Guatemala Bound!

    The group is on its way to Guatemala!  Despite the early departure (Mr. Kempe at 12:30am, Destiny at 4am, and the rest of the group at 6:30am), morale was incredibly high on the drive to the airport.  Students could barely sleep and shared lots of things they were excited about – “the food at the…

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