African Animal Preconceptions 

By Hunter O'Malley During the safari a moral question came to me: is it responsible to play into U.S. American preconceptions about Africa rather than showing what Senegal is actually like? In the 1500 hectares enclosure, nonnative animal were kept in an environment where they do not naturally belong. To me it had an artificial … Continue reading African Animal Preconceptions 

There’s Always More

By Kelsey English The more that I have come to know, the more I realize that I know absolutely nothing. Through every experience, I become increasingly aware of new and unknown aspects of life, which exist both tangibly and just above my realm of understanding. This magnificent place, surrounded by nothing but water, mangroves, and … Continue reading There’s Always More

Culture of Happiness / Contentment

By Jack Corson When first flying into Senegal, I saw what looked liked thousands of building stacked into one giant cluster in Dakar. For an oblivious American like myself, you expect savannah with various exotic animals roaming throughout it. This first image was only the beginning of shattering the stereotypes built around countries in Africa. … Continue reading Culture of Happiness / Contentment